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Sup Everyone

Posted by iNSaNe_aRTiST on January 11, 2014 at 12:25 AM

It's Kat. I'd like to apologize for the sudden stand still in the comic. There has been... A lot.... Of really bad things. Fights and family feuds and school and just.. I really shouldn't make excuses. I am terribly sorry that I stopped working on this whole thing.

BUT! I have some great news! Come the first week of Febuary, the comic will make it's comeback and that I can promise! I have one of my best friends from school coming to aid me with some of the comic making like linearting. very important now. 

Anyway I apologize again and I hope that whoever still remains on this site and actually looks at this comic will be happy to see the progression of the story once more! And, you get to see a couple of changes in the style. Not really a wise thing to do, but to make it a little less complicated, some colors will be added. Not much, mostly a focus on the eyes. You'll see why in time. 

May the chaos be with you, my fellow Glebinites! 

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Reply Skeith
5:51 PM on January 17, 2014 
Finally, it's great to hear from you again. Now I've really got something to be excited for again.

Time for some preparations, I presume?
Reply SaveTheCake
4:13 PM on January 11, 2014 
Yeah, I know the pain of family problems and school stressing the crap out of you, but I'm glad to hear that the comic will be continued, and in a new art style as well (with color)!